Important considerations when buying a Dab Rig - Composition and Heat Source

  When it comes to dab rigs, there is no one size fits all. Here at The Beach Pipe we are planning to bring you written and video content on how to (safely) get into dabbing. No more #dabfails needed. The questions you need to ask as you start to research them, include: how portable does your rig need to be, do you want to be able to use your dab rig with both dried flower and concentrates like terp slush? What types of glass and other materials should you look out for? Rushing the process and buying a cheap dab rig is not recommended, you can get away with a cheap glass bong, but when it comes to dabbing and the shear temperatures involved, getting a high quality, well-made, reputable dab rig is important.

What Should my Dab Rig be Made out of?

Lets talk about composition of the dab rig. When it comes to glass, you want to purchase one made of borosilicate glass or another high quality option, that is close to or exceeding 4mm in thickness. The position of the perc and how recessed the female joint is, or equivalent, can also make a big difference in your comfort while using. You also want to ensure its going to be compatible with, or amenable to, the accessories you pair with it including quartz bangers, carb caps, nails and so forth.

How are Dab Rigs Heated?

  How the rig is heated is another important consideration. Some rigs use coil heating methods and others can be battery operated to assist in portability. Either of these options are fine, but can leave the operator with a burned out coil or a dead battery at pretty crucial times! Some more minimal setups may just require a hand-held butane torch style lighter. The Rio Rig by Stache for instance has an adjustable, refillable butane torch contained within it.  We have a guest written piece coming out on proper butane lighter selection and safety, stay tuned.

Other Important Things to Consider when Buying a Dab Rig

We have jumped right in and started talking about borosilicate glass dab rigs and have presented some pretty technical aspects to look into. To zoom out again and take a bird eye view. Do you want a dab rig? Where will you use it, do you want a desktop device, a mobile device? Okay we kid, but how portable does it need to be, or how frequently will you transport your rig (The Rio Rig comes with silicate plugs for transport with water present for instance). If you are a frequent traveler, than a solid carrying case with compartment for accessories is definitely needed. Should it be dual purpose, and be able to hand dried flower and more viscous concentrates? Most importantly though, when she is yours, will she be steppin?

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