Cannabis.Wiki Holiday Recipe and Cooking Event

Cannabis.Wiki presents an amazing group of world class cannabis chefs and experts as they showcase their signature cannabis holiday recipes.

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Cannabis Conference Presentations and Demonstration Topics


Expert Panel Discussion: Safe Consumption

A thoughtful discussion on how to use cannabis and edible products safely.

Presented by Chef Pat Newton, Chef Stacy Primack, Dr. Mike Hart, Don Gingrich.

Demonstration: Extraction Canna Butter/Canna Oil

Educating and guiding Medicinal & Recreational cannabis patients and enthusiasts on the basic fundamentals and easy to follow steps in making canna butter and canna oil.

Presented by Chef Cody Lindsay, Culinary Cannabis Educator, The Wellness Soldier

Fireside Chat: Pairing wines and cannabis

A discussion on how wine and spirits can be matched up with cannabis in a unique and thoughtful approach.

Presented by Andrew Freedman, The Cannabis Sommelier

Cooking Demonstration: CBD Cuisine

Cook a signature dish using CBD as inspired showcase

Presented by Chef Jordan Wagman, Best Selling Author-Cannabis Culinary Expert- Philanthropist-Psoriasis Advocate

Strain Specific Cuisine

This session will share how infusing terpenes into cooking and baking via strain specific recipes to elevate the taste in the edibles she creates. Specific strains in specific recipes to enhance the flavor profiles of the dishes she constructs.

Presented by Chef Jessica Catalano, High Raw Food Vegan Cannabis Chef

Safe edible consumption / Desserts & Treats

This session will focus on safe edible consumption- Gain an understanding of how metabolism, body weight, wait time and duration can affect your consumption of cannabis. You'll also be provided some pro tips to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience with edibles.

Presented by Chef Stacy Primack, Culinary Director & Chef, SoRSE Technology

Fireside Chat: Hash & Keif

Learning how Concentrates like Hash & Keif play in the orchestra of cooking

Presented by Duchess, Hash Consultant, Cannabis Cultivator, Writer, Educator, Musician, Public Speaker, The Dank Duchess


Expert Panel: Health and Wellness

Discussion on the medical benefits of cooking with cannabis.

Panel Presenters: Chef Jordan Wagman, Dr. Mike Hart, Janelle Estabillo and Cody Lindsay, The Wellness Soldier.


Cooking Demonstration: Sauces

Aside from Canna Butter or Canna Oil, Sauces are another medium to infuse your Cannabis menu

Presented by Chef Russell Auckbaraullee, International Chef/Owner, Penthouse Catering


Safe Edible Consumption

Gain an understanding of how metabolism, body weight, wait time and duration can affect your consumption of cannabis.

Presented by Dr. Michael Hart, Medical Director, Doctor, Ready To Go Clinic


Demonstration: Precise Dosing

Teaching fundamental techniques, to accurately measure precise THC/CBD milligram dosing, in order to achieve optimal consistency with Cannabis Butter & Cannabis Oil

Presented by Chef Don Gingrich, Executive Lead Chef Instructor, Cannabis Cooking Company


Cooking Demonstration: Introducing Filipino Cuisine

Restaurants like Jeepney and his other venture, Maharlika, are pushing the envelope in teaching New Yorkers about a cuisine that is a mix of different cultures from Malay to Spanish roots -- a special Filipino mix whose flavors are sour, such as vinegar or tamarind and umami, and from ingredients like soy sauce, or bagoon (baga-on, salted shrimp paste).

Presented by Miguel Trinidad, Executive Chef/Owner, Jeepney/Maharlika/99thfl


Cooking Demonstration: Gummies & Candies

Making something fun and simple.

Presented by Chef Danny Raposo, Master Chef/Owner, Munchalishusmedimeals

Speaker Showcase

The Holiday Cannabis Cooking Conference brings together an incredible roster of leading chefs and accomplished cannabis leaders. They will be presenting their signature recipes and techniques to help you dazzle your guests during the holidays.

Andrew Freedman

Cannabis Sommelier

Alberta, Canada


Andrew Freedman is the first real "Cannabis Sommelier" his focus on pairing cannabis, beer, cocktail, wine and gastronomy are completely unique and original.Andrew worked in the cannabis trade for over a decade. Noticing that there was a lack of scientific language for describing cannabis he became very interested in blind tasting wine. He soon found himself living on a vineyard working as a cellar hand at an estate winery. While honing his palate he became a WSET 3 and one of few Canadian Wine Scholars.

Links to Social Media: YouTube Channel The Cannabis Sommelier/Website: thecannabissomm /Facebook cannabis sommelier /Linkedin Andrew Freedman


Cody Lindsay

Culinary Cannabis Educator

The Wellness Soldier

Vancouver, BC Canada


The Wellness Soldier is dedicated to helping Canadian Veterans live healthier lives. We do this by bringing you information and education in Healthy Eating & Drinking, Medical Cannabis, Fitness, and Meditation. Our videos will be "You-Focused" to help you get the most out of your amazing life!!

Social media- Linkedin The Wellness Soldier / IG @thewellnesssoldier / Facebook The Wellness Soldier / Twitter @wellnesssoldier / YouTube The Wellness Soldier /


Danny Raposo

Master Chef/Owner


Toronto, Ontario Canada


In addition to cooking, Danny is a regular contributor to independent and network media. He has provided voice over material as well as commentary in the Toronto market. Well read, Danny can provide an interesting and well articulated discussion on a wide array of topics. He is currently the spokesperson for several cannabis and food related businesses.

Danny and his family, who are Guinness Record holders in the culinary arts, have served Danny’s food at many major events. Danny has provided food as a means of comfort to a community facing a tragedy. Using his own food truck, funds, time and resources, Danny stepped up and provided comfort to victims of a devastating fire with warm meals he prepared.

With his participation on the first ever season of Master Chef Canada, Danny finally got the national exposure he deserved. “Team Danny” was an instant fan favourite. Following his appearance on Master Chef Canada, Danny’s talent was once again on display for a national audience. Danny’s presence on Dragon’s Den introduced Canada to his talent as an entrepreneur. He presented a branded food truck to the Dragons

Since his appearance on Dragon’s Den, Danny has put together several food ventures including Munchalishus Medi Meals, a company that works closely with patients that are interested in changing from opiates to cannabis. “We custom make meals with the milligram (Mg of THC – CBD) needed for the day.”

Having had health issues in the past, Danny discovered the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Danny is licensed by Health Canada as a medical grower. Providing therapeutic relief to others through his cooking with cannabis keeps him interested in cooking with the plant.

Social media- IG @stonerchefinc / Twitter @BigDs13 / Facebook Danny Raposo


Don Gingrich

Executive Lead Chef Instructor

Cannabis Cooking Company

Toronto, Ontario Canada


Lead cannabis chef and instructor Don Gingrich has been cooking with cannabis for almost 30 years. As a cancer survivor at a young age, Gingrich turned to medicinal cannabis to alleviate the painful symptoms of his chemotherapy. He remembers his first edibles recipe, which was a brownie recipe he developed with some chopped up l of his homegrown plant.Social media- Facebook Don Gingrich / IG chefdon23


Dr Mike Hart

Medical Director DoctorReady To Go ClinicLondon, Ontario Canada


Dr. Michael Hart, M.D, is one the world’s most foremost experts on medical cannabis. In 2014, Dr. Hart became the first physician in London, Ontario, Canada to open a “Cannabis Clinic”. In 2016 he founded Readytogo Medical clinic, where he currently acts as the lead physician and medical director. He is also the co-author of the Amazon Best Seller “Friendly Fire”: Why Vets Are Lighting Up and Ditching Pills to Treat PTSD. His outspoken stance has landed him on a variety of media outlets, including an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Social media- IG @readytogoclinic / IG @drmikehart / Twitter @drmikehart / Facebook Dr Mike Hart /



Hash Consultant, Cannabis Cultivator, Writer, Educator, Musician, Public Speaker

The Dank Duchess

Oakland, California


The Dank Duchess is a multifaceted artist who has chosen Cannabis and Hashish as her latest focus. A storyteller focused on Hashish, she massages words into intense narratives with all of the robustness and nuance of her hand rolled balls of cannabis resin. As a consummate educator, she adheres strongly to the motto, “Each one, teach one.”

The Dank Duchess applies her 17 years of cannabis growing experience, priceless mentorship under Master Hashmaker Frenchy Cannoli, and fierce commitment to her art to fully immerse herself in the global cannabis industry; sharing insights, techniques, and innovations with growers and hashmakers around the world. The Dank Duchess has become an internationally recognized Hashish authority in 5 short years. Initially a cultivator, she has blossomed into a Hashish storyteller, maker, and media personality. Her distinct writing style, crafting intimate scenes that viscerally invoke the sights, smells, and effects of everything she relates, has graced magazines and books; including Weed World UK, Skunk Magazine, Cannabis Now, and anthologies by Ed Rosenthal.

The Dank Duchess has applied her communication skills to a growing interest in public speaking. She was a featured speaker at the 2019 Sprint Plant Medicine Conference in Vancouver. She also served as a moderator for a panel highlighting the emerging voices of women of color in the psychedelic arena. At the 2019 Emerald Cup, she joined other women growers and producers on the panel titled “Not Your Mama’s Cannabis.”

Social media: Twitter @thedankduchess / YouTube The Dank Duchess / website / IG @thedankduchess


Jessica Catalano

High Raw Food Vegan Cannabis Chef

Seattle, Washington


Jessica is a professional cannabis chef, cannabis edibles expert, recipe developer, cannabis food writer, the pioneer of strain-specific cannabis cuisine, and author of The Ganja Kitchen Revolution: The Bible of Cannabis Cuisine published by Green Candy Press.

She has appeared on TLC, Munchies VICE, and Al Jazeera. Her work has been mentioned in Vogue Magazine, Vice, Al Jazeera, Brazil’s Carta Capital Magazine, Buzzfeed, the Associated Press, The Guardian, Business Insider, StarChef’s Rising Stars Magazine, Culture Magazine, Skunk Magazine, Cannabis Now Magazine, Ladybud Magazine, FSR Magazine, Denver Westworld, the Aspen Times, the Summit Daily, the Cannabist, the Stoner Girls Guide, and many more. She has also done cannabis food writing for StickyGuide, Releaf Magazine, Smell the Truth, The Nug, PROHBTD, Whaxy, Stuff Stoners Like, the Smoking Bud, Starchef’s, Leafly, High Times Magazine, VICE, MUNCHIES, Colorado’s very own weed-rag The Daily Doobie, and many other publications.

As a Medical Cannabis patient herself, she has extensive knowledge since early 1997 for medicinal purposes. She continues to strive for excellence both in cooking, baking and Medical Cannabis knowledge. Her goal is to help as many Medical Cannabis patients as she possibly can creating a better quality of life for them. She explores the health benefits of cooking with cannabis which when balanced with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can help promote a longer and more fulfilling life. She is also a passionate runner, bodybuilder, and martial artist (Taekwondo), who draws upon inspiration from exploring the Pacific Northwest to fuel creativity in the kitchen and gym. Catalano currently resides in a suburb of Seattle, Washington with her husband, daughter Mary Jane, Bombay cat Mao, and Russian Blue cat Rarity.Social media- Facebook Jessica Catalano / IG chefjessicacatalano / Twitter Jessica Catalano /


Jordan Wagman

James Beard Nominated Chef, Best Selling Author-Cannabis Culinary Expert- Philanthropist-Psoriasis Advocate

Toronto, Ontario Canada


Meet Jordan Wagman. He wears each title as a badge of honour and takes on each role with precision and tremendous passion. Jordan’s unique culinary journey began over campfires in Northern Ontario and progressed to the kitchens of some of the top chefs in the culinary world. Today, Jordan has a renewed focus on food, health and wellness. Jordan helps others find health through an anti-inflammatory diet and proves great, healthy, food can taste incredible too. Jordan is a cannabis advocate and cites the use of THC and CBD as a pillar for his health. Five years ago, I sought the help of a naturopath and after one meeting I removed gluten, dairy and refined sugar from my diet. Shortly after, I began incorporating supplements and CBD and roughly eight weeks after that one meeting with the naturopath, my Psoriasis started to go away and I lost 30 lbs. My career began in Florida and took me to Toronto, California and eventually Colorado only to end up where it all began, back with my family in Toronto.

Links to Social media accounts: Facebook - Chef Jordan Wagman/website: Twitter@WagmanJordan/IG @chefjordanwagman

Miguel Trinidad

Executive Chef/Owner


NYC, New York


After working jobs in photography, bars, and behind a desk, Trindad came to ICE in search of a more fulfilling career. Following an externship at Lola’s in SOHO, Trinidad graduated from ICE’s Culinary Arts Program in 2007 and was immediately hired as a line cook at Lola’s. From there, he quickly rose through the kitchen’s ranks, eventually becoming Executive Chef. Building on his experience at Lola’s, Trinidad paired with co-worker Nicole Ponseca and Enzo Lim to launch his first restaurant, Maharlika, a modern Filipino restaurant. Soon thereafter, Trinidad opened his second business, a “Filipino Gastropub” called Jeepney, which garnered a Time Out New York Award for “Best Seafood Dish of 2013.” Most recently, Trinidad is also the mastermind behind the food menu Golden Cadillac, a 70’s-era cocktail lounge in the East Village that received a 2014 Time Out New York “Critic’s Pick” award.Social media- IG @jeepneynyc @maharlikanyc @99thfl @chefmigsnyc/ Twitter @chefmigsnyc / Facebook Miguel Trinidad / / /

Pat Newton

Founder & CEO

Munchy Brothers Inc

Toronto, Ontario Canada


Patrick is a classically-trained chef who studied under some of Toronto’s most prolific restauranteurs including Peter Oliver. He’s been cooking with cannabis since he was a teenager, after graduating from George Brown College with a degree in food and beverage management he ran Dude food, a lifestyle cooking brand, and he’s the brains behind Munchy Brothers. social media- , @munchybrothers IG / @chefpatnewton IG / chef pat newton Linkedin / @patnewton Twitter /


Russell Auckbaraullee

International Chef/Owner

Penthouse Catering

Toronto, Ontario Canada


Chef Russell Auckbaraullee is of Mauritian descent; owns Penthouse Catering & Chef Russell’s Culinary Class Room in Toronto Canada. Has his own cooking school teaching knife skills class,Sushi,Thai and Indian with children as young as 9.

Italian trained Russell has worked in many kitchens around Toronto before starting his own Catering and cooking school.

He has done many tv demos around the world through out the years, Including Chopped Canada and Menu Match-Up. He’s the Chef Ambassador of Halal Food Fest, The Fried Chicken Fest and The Chocolate Ball. Co-Winner of The Toronto Sushi Fest.

Social media- website / IG @penthousecatering / Facebook Russell Auckbaraullee / Linkedin Russell Auckbaraullee

Stacy Primack

Culinary Director & Chef, SoRSE Technology

Seattle, Washington


Stacy Primack has been cooking professionally for over 18 years and was classically trained in the baking and pastry arts. She was a Pastry Chef at Graham Elliot and Nellcôte and worked with many other upscale establishments in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Naples, FL

• Fifteen years of culinary & pastry experience/ 4 years of cannabis culinary experience

• Featured Chef on Netflix' "Cooked with Cannabis" episode 3,4

• From - Cannabis Chef Certification

Social media- (@pastrypants) IG / (@pastrypants) Poshmark / Stacy Primack LinkedIn /


Cooking Conference Agenda

Cannabis.Wiki is pleased to present an exciting two day agenda of world class chefs cooking some of their best cannabis inspired holiday recipes.

Conference Agenda Day One

Saturday November 21

Starts at 9:00 am EST

The online presentations and demonstrations will begin at 9:00 am EST and the Chefs will be available to answer questions in the virtual breakout rooms with delegates.


Conference Agenda Day Two

Sunday November 22

Starts at 10:00 am EST

The online presentations and demonstrations will begin at 10:00 am EST and the Chefs will be available to answer questions in the virtual breakout rooms with delegates.


Conference Sponsors

Thank you to our Holiday Cannabis Cooking Conference Sponsors. Without the support of our sponsors, we would not be able to showcase the terrific chefs and recipes.


Visit the www.Cannabis.Wiki website for News, Information .& more recipes.








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