Your Smoke Shop aka Friendly Cannabis Retailer Options in the Beaches, Toronto

If you reside in, or are visiting the neighborhoods of Ashbridges Bay, Kew Beach, or Balmy Beach through to Scarborough, you have two choices for smoke shops. These cannabis retailers sell cannabis products including dried flower, concentrates, beverages and accessories. So which of the two shops should you visit, and why?

Kingston Road Village

Why would you visit Kingston Rd. Village? Kingston Road Village is vibrant and alive. The village is home to CIBC, RBC, and Scotiabank for expediting your banking needs. The most delicious farm to table foods can be bought at independent grocers including Courage Foods (be sure to get there first in line for Brisket). You can also find floral shops that sell all types of exotic foliage that you can bring home and get arranging once that first bowl has set in. The absolute jewel of Kingston Rd. Village is Pegasus Shoppe. With a walk score of 99, you know that in this neighborhood you can ditch the car and still get all your errands and frivolous shopping needs met. 

Kingston rd Village and Sessions Toronto

Kingston Road Village is the home of Sessions Cannabis, Toronto location. This store is well designed to handle customers during times of social distancing. There is a wide product selection in terms of brands, price points and package sizes. There are clear well organized display cabinets holding the product and multiple cash registers to serve you. The esthetic is clean and practical. It doesn’t carry too many accessories, but you can always get the pipe, papers and lighter you need to enjoy the rest of their fine offerings. They sell dried flower, concentrates, and a few cannabis infused beverage options. The budtenders are warm and friendly and can troubleshoot you through product selection in no time. Product offerings continue to evolve at all stores, check out their website to see the latest. 

Kew Beach and The Neighborhood Joint

If you happen to be hitting the Beach, the Boardwalk or strutting Queen st., then The Neighborhood Joint is your go to smoke shop. The Neighborhood Joint is surrounded by small stores selling food delicacies, restaurants and pubs with patios, verdant Kew Beach Gardens and the Toronto Library Beaches Branch. Kew Beach Gardens is home to a baseball diamond, an ice rink, pavilions and of course the glistening waters of Lake Ontario. With a 24hour streetcar running along Queen st. E, it’s easy to nip in and out of the city.  

What should you expect when you visit the Neighborhood Joint when it reopens for in-store shopping? The neighborhood joint has a chill, homey kind of atmosphere. If I remember correctly, there may even be a couch. There is an airy entrance with a mural that any #the6ix resident would feel proud about, and a wide set of stairs that leads to the main retail floor. Display cases are burgeoning with accessories and pamphlets. Once you have had a chance to take them all in, you can either talk to a budtender on the retail floor about your recreational needs, or you can watch the large, constantly evolving electronic display boards with strain names and prices. Once you’ve made your selection you head over to a cashier who then summons your order via pneumatic tubes.  Its all terribly exciting and the best part is that you can bring your Dog.

 Let us know about your favourtite smoke shop in your neighborhood in the comments below. Have you visited either of these stores or taken delivery? ~ Love, The Beach Pipe

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