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  • Our Exciting New Gifts for Party Hosts Collection

      This collection - Gifts for Party Hosts ,  has been designed for when the world re-opens and we are free to travel and go to parties again.  In the meantime, these gifts can be purchased and shipped with love and care to the person in your life who needs to be treated.
  • Buy the Best Bong for You

    Buy the Best Bong for You  In this post we want to highlight the glass bongs that The Beach Pipe carries. COVID-19 related shipping and logistics i...
  • Governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy Signs Historic Cannabis Legislation

    Murphy stated that, "New Jersey’s broken & indefensible marijuana laws are no more. Senator Corey Booker retweeted the Governor, stating, "Marijuana will now be legal in NJ. We’re one step closer to ending this unjust, failed war on drugs that has systematically targeted Black & Brown people & the poor across our state & nation.
  • Cheap and Effective Bong Cleaning Solutions

    Cheap and Effective Bong Cleaning Solutions At this point in the pandemic you are probably looking to restock on bong cleaning supplies. Many of us...
  • Estás pensando en comprar una nueva pipa de vidrio? ~ Valentina

    Guest Contributor - Valentina ~ The Beach Pipe ¿Estás pensando en comprar una nueva pipa de vidrio? Aquí te damos tips para elegir la pipa ideal pa...
  • An Introduction To Dab Rigs For Sale by Guest Contributor, In Da' Indica

    Simply put, a dab rig is a water pipe - these can be constructed from glass and silicone, or, if your preference is an electronic dab rig (or 'e-rig') even plastics. Like a water pipe, this device will pull the heated concentrate smoke through cold water to help cool the air surrounding the smoke.
  • Important considerations when buying a Dab Rig - Composition and Heat Source

    Some rigs use coil heating methods and others can be battery operated to assist in portability. Either of these options are fine, but can leave the operator with a burned out coil or a dead battery at pretty crucial times! Some more minimal setups may just require a hand-held butane torch style lighter. The Rio Rig by Stache for instance has an adjustable, refillable butane torch contained within it.
  • Your Smoke Shop aka Friendly Cannabis Retailer Options in the Beaches, Toronto

    If you reside in, or are visiting the neighborhoods of Ashbridges Bay, Kew Beach, or Balmy Beach through to Scarborough, you have two choices for s...
  • Its Time to Purchase a New Glass Pipe for Enjoying your Favourite Cannabis Cultivar

    Lets take Stock of the Cannabis Pipes you Already Own Glass cannabis pipes that stand the test of time. Have you looked back at your pipe collectio...
  • Pop Top and Silicone Jars - Extend and Maximize your Cannabis Buds

    Pop tops and silicone jars how will you save your cannabis kief and concentrates this winter?
  • Storage Options for Concentrates and Rolled joints

    Figuring out how to partition, store and save your cannabis flower and concentrates at home can be trickier than you think. But for now, lets stick...
  • Planning the Perfect Cannabis Infused New Year's Eve in Lockdown.

    How to Celebrate New Years in Style (in Lockdown) Setting up for a special new years night. Whether you are spending it in glorious solitude or ho...