Cheap and Effective Bong Cleaning Solutions

Cheap and Effective Bong Cleaning Solutions

At this point in the pandemic you are probably looking to restock on bong cleaning supplies. Many of us are familiar with the good old “Orange bong cleaner” and know how effective it is at removing resin off glass pieces and getting them sparkling once again.

At The Beach Pipe we strive to carry a variety of bong cleaning solutions and other bong cleaning tools like  large packs of pipe cleaners, as well as smaller packs for the occasional pipe clean. We also carry beautifully textured high-alcohol wipes from Higher Standards. For those who like to give their glass bong an extra vigorous shake-down while cleaning, do consider a silicone plug.

We hope to improve our inventory of isopropyl alcohol soon, but in the meantime this fantastic rock salt product can be added to your cleaning collection to get your glass and pyrex cannabis accessories looking brand spanking new! 


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