Planning the Perfect Cannabis Infused New Year's Eve in Lockdown.

How to Celebrate New Years in Style (in Lockdown)

Setting up for a special new years night. Whether you are spending it in glorious solitude or hopping on a video con call you should definitely have some fun cannabis treats on hand to make the night all the more eventful.

To prepare, find a practical yet stylish tray around your home to roll your joints and display your concentrates. Be sure to include a grinder or trimming scissors, rolling papers, some filter cardboard or a special filter tip ready to go. Or pick a festive rolling paper and filter. We like the Shine Ones, but any old pack of zig zags or Raw papers or whatever you have on hand will work. If you are not the best roller out there, you can always try stuff cone papes instead or you  can try one of these rolling machines, or better yet this Otto, automated joint rolling machine from Banana Bros and spin up enough joints to set yourself up for the new year.   banana bros


Variety is the spice of life, have at least one special strain on hand to mark the occasion. Keep a more budget friendly economical strain on hand to roll up joints and pinners and those in-between bowls. Have some super fun sprinkles or toppers on hand. Our favourite is Tantalus Labs, dried Sift hash. Live Resin Coins from BIG could add some extra visual and physiological appeal. Do you have a favourite? Drop it in the comments below.

Find a very special dried flower strain and save for the big day (in an airtight container). New Years is a reason to splurge on a micro-producers, or craft cannabis producer. Some favourite Canadian options include @dunncanabis, @40cannabis ; @GnomestarCraft among others.

How cute is this concentrate storage container from Higher standards? concentrate storage container higher standards

If you or your roommate is worried about greening out, or mixing potent dried flower with edibles, consider a dried flower strain that has little to no THC, where the main focus is on CBDs. Think Charlotte’s Web and include some alternates. Keep your “THC-friendly” and CBD focused dried flower or pre-rolls separate, or marked for as the night goes on. 

For the more seasoned or adventurous, consider setting up a dab rig and have it ready to light at the right moment. Bonus points for the rigs that can handle dried flower and concentrates. To get dabbing you will need a butane torch style lighter; and a rig. We like these “Rig all in One” style options such as RIO by Stache Products, 

 this heavy duty  Higher Standards rig, or Heavy Duty Riggler Set that come with multiple attachments.

higher standards dab rig

Some LPs in Ontario and elsewhere offer cannabis 2.0 concentrates in ready to dab form, such as GreyBeard’s Live Resin Terp Slush.

Did any of these tips help you setup for the perfect New Year’s Eve? Post a photo to instagram and be sure to tag @thebeachpipe


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