An Introduction To Dab Rigs For Sale by Guest Contributor, In Da' Indica

Guest Author: In Da' Indica

Whether you're a seasoned smoker just catching up with what the 'cool kids' are up to these days, or brand-new to cannabis consumption entirely, the concept of dabbing THC/CBD concentrates from the outside looking-in can be both a tad overwhelming, and yes, even intimidating! There are a dizzying array of implements and accessories available, in a variety of styles, sizes and materials, and there are pros and cons to all of them... so, you will want to do some homework beforehand to best address your needs.

What is a 'Dab Rig'?

Simply put, a dab rig is a water pipe - these can be constructed from glass and silicone, or, if your preference is an electronic dab rig (or 'e-rig') even plastics. Like a water pipe, this device will pull the heated concentrate smoke through cold water to help cool the air surrounding the smoke. This helps to protect your throat and lungs from irritation caused by the super-heated smoke or vapor.

 Dab Rig Types

Dab rigs come in five basic types; full-sized glass, mini glass, multi-chambered/pathed recycler rigs, silicone rigs and electronic or 'e-rigs'. The sizing of your rig is a factor to consider. You may want a show piece that can be displayed proudly on the coffee table in full view, or a smaller rig that can be stowed away more easily, for storage or travel.

If portability is a concern, silicone may the best option as it isn't as fragile as glass. E-rigs are also great for portability because they don't require use of a torch, relying instead on a rechargeable internal battery to heat your

concentrates. If e-rigs sound more your speed, you will want to take battery capacity into consideration.


Multi-chambered or complex pathed glass recycler dab rigs enhance the cooling process by pulling the heated smoke or vapor through a longer pathway, cooling the heated air for a longer period of time prior to inhalation.

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We hope this helps to answer some questions you may have about dab rigs, but we also encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have about products The Beach Pipe carries!

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