Our Exciting New Gifts for Party Hosts Collection

  People's relationships with cannabis are personal. Choosing out a gift for someone is easier if you know how they choose to enjoy cannabis. Some like capsules, tinctures and topicals. Others like infused cannabis beverages, gummies, and other edibles. When it comes to smoking and vaping, the choices get even more complex. What dab rig or attachments do they need or use? What kind of concentrates are their favourite? Shatter, wax, budder, terp sauce, bubble hash? Do they prefer smoking a bowl of dried flower in a water pipe a.k.a. bong, or do they like to make 'salads' in their favourite glass spoon pipe? 

  So as you can see its complicated trying to figure out the perfect gift for a family member or friendly cannasseur in your neighborhood. Do you plan to visit cottages and go to BBQ's and want to wow the Host with the Most with a token of your appreciation? Check out our - Gifts for Party Hosts Collection

  This collection - Gifts for Party Hosts ,  has been designed for when the world re-opens and we are free to travel and go to parties again.  In the meantime, these gifts can be purchased and shipped with love and care to the person in your life who needs to be treated. Our collection is evolving, but we have included a list of some of our favourite pieces below.

Cannabis Storage Containers and Stash Jars

A Party Host gift that we are fond of are cannabis storage containers and/or stash jars. The recipient can use them for fours, grains, dried garden herbs and even the latest craft micro grown cannabis from their local retailer. Better yet if they grow one or two plants under a medical license for themselves or others, they can use these containers to gift the dried flower to another. We love the Evak Prepara Airtight Stash Jar     and these multi size containers from CVault, with three metal snaps to secure the contents.                        

Limited Edition Art Pieces and Decorative Items

Why not consider one of these limited edition art pieces to compliment their lifestyle and help bring in the Roaring Twenties, 2021 and beyond. For our American friends, we recommend this stunning square smolder tray by Jonathan Adler.                                                                                      

Jonathan Adler Square smolder ashtray lips

For our Canadian buddies this elegant Muskoka Rolling Tray by Canada Puffin will look just fine in anyone's home or cottage. The Canada Puffin Muskoka Rolling Tray is considered to be both practical and decorative. If you know they will use it for rolling a joint, than consider pairing with the matching Canadian maple wood grinder. Note that Canada Puffin pipes are packaged in a red satin lined gift box for the perfectly presented gift piece.                

Last but certainly not least, why not introduce them to a new hobby entirely? We have curated some must have items within our Grow Your Own Collection for the beginner or advanced cannabonsai practitioner. We love this 4 piece bonsai tool kit.     Be sure to check out the professional ceramic pot for getting someone started on their next bonsai project.                                       

cannabonsai bonsai tool kit

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