Its Time to Purchase a New Glass Pipe for Enjoying your Favourite Cannabis Cultivar

Lets take Stock of the Cannabis Pipes you Already Own

Glass cannabis pipes that stand the test of time. Have you looked back at your pipe collection and taken stock of which ones have lasted, and which are are worth cleaning up and lighting up? Hopefully you are not still hanging on to a mystery metal, gas-station special. There is probably also good chance that you shattered your favourite one in recent years. Its' not hard to encounter the Canadian Shield when hiking about with your stash in tow, and well, lets just say there’s a reason some of us have broken down and bought a silicone piece, either as backup or as a solid go-to for rocky terrain.

Considerations for selecting Glass Cannabis Pipes

When it comes to selecting a glass cannabis pipe, know your objectives, are you looking for a showstopper for a valentine’s tryst, or a dependable well-designed pipe for frequent use? Design matters: carb (choke) placement, bowl size, and a very over-looked, but important characteristic, bowl depth. You don’t want to be caught out in a Prairie wind after having just packed a bowl of beautiful flower (fruits apparently) and your best selection of kief. Bowl size and depth matters, look into the bowl, are you going to have to rely on screens for the first little while? Those can be a pain.

The go-to Glass Cannabis Pipe that every Cannasseur should Own

All in all, when selecting a glass cannabis pipe, you can never go wrong with the Grav Spoon Pipe. These come in an array of colours and translucency’s (is that a word? opaqueness?). The colour of the glass pipe will obviously drastically change once it’s been put to use a few times, so don’t expect the clear glass ones to remain clear and immaculate, go for a more solid colour, or the amber one. Look out for future blog posts on other pipe types, from the wooden sherlock to silicone pieces. Love, ~The Beach Pipe. 


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